Case study

Temporary employment companies

Everyone involved in the temporary employment sector can find a use for MyPosition's service:

  • Temporary employment agencies: simplified administration. No more entering data for different timesheets. Using the software integrated into their programme, agencies can retrieve all the working time data concerning a temporary worker in the blink of an eye.
  • Temporary workers: time saving and simplification. No more daily or weekly timesheets to send by e-mail or fax. They just need to press a button twice a day to clock in and out.
  • Client companies: time saved and simplified administration. There's no need for workers to visit the company if their work is mobile. HR no longer needs to fill in and sign dozens of pieces of paper each day, week or month.

Health insurers, home service and voucher services

Home services offered by the health insurers and service vouchers are a sector in which workers are constantly on the road. MyPosition it totally suited to their work therefore. Using MyPosition, managers can check the progress of their rounds and receive alerts in the event of emergency situations encountered by their staff.

Infrastructure managers and utility companies

Companies can, using software integrated into their systems, ensure that teams on the ground are up to full strength. They can use the solution to monitor the completion of successive work sites.

Remote recording options simplify timesheet administration.


MyPosition is an interesting alternative for the construction sector where work is being carried out on extensive sites. Unlike clocking in/out systems installed in vans, MyPosition can be carried around easily. Workers no longer need to return to their vans to clock in/out.


Industrial maintenance and cleaning companies

Customers can check on-line whether the engineer has visited the site or not. Customer access to geolocated time data can be used for accurate pricing of services.