LBS (Location Based Services) based technology

This service operates via a SIM card inserted into the device. When employees press one of the buttons, their position is calculated through the GSM masts in the region in which they are located.

Multilateration operation

Our partner for the technical part is ULB (Brussels Free University) which has helped develop the system's multilateration operation. The device retrieves all the technical information from the GSM masts in the user's vicinity and the intersection of all this data is used to define the area in which the device is located.

Added security

  • When the request is not successful, the device indicates this via its integrated LEDs.
  • In the same way, LEDs indicate that the battery needs recharging.
  • The device's SIM card cannot be removed and neither can it be diverted for other uses.
  • Geolocation is possible everywhere where a GSM network is available, including inside buildings, unlike GPS.
  • Option: if employees forget to clock on, an alarm sounds.