Fast changing companies

Increasing numbers of workers are now mobile and methods of organizing them are changing fast. Structures are leaner, customers demand both increased flexibility and greater transparency when accounting for services, and staff are looking for greater autonomy and trust. At the same time, legislators have set very strict limits concerning the protection of workers' privacy covering all aspects of the geolocation of persons.

MyPosition: an ethical, responsible and non-intrusive geolocation system.

MyPosition is an ethical time recording and geolocation service for mobile workers. It comprises an individual time recording / geolocation device and a platform for analysing the results. It complies with the relevant legal directives, ensuring both respect for workers' privacy and comfort, and the assurance of their presence at their place of working when they clock on.

MyPosition works inside buildings as well as outdoors, its batteries last for weeks and data can be checked at any time with complete security via the Cloud.