MyPosition: a click = a location

Different devices for different operations: a personal device used for geolocation and a platform for analysing the data collected.

MyPosition: A geolocation device for mobile staff

  • Robust, shockproof and splash resistant.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Reliable.
  • Works just as well indoors as it does outdoors.
  • Easy-grip: it has been designed to fit into the hand perfectly.
  • Its two buttons are customizable. You can choose the type of task to assign to them:
    • Start of assignment.
    • End of assignment.
    • Contact me.
    • Alert button.
  • Recharging is via a USB cable.
  • Long life battery (1 to 2 months under normal conditions of use).
  • Economical: the device is supplied as part of the service and payment for the service is according to use.
  • MyPosition is completely different from other geolocation solutions: discover our distinguishing features.

MyPosition is a device dedicated to geolocation alone

  • No communication, Internet, Track & Trace costs ...
  • Variant services possible.

Use of data collected

When a worker presses the button, information is sent to a platform in the cloud. This application can be integrated into time management systems via an API. Location data is then available in different formats: listing and mapping.

Computer processing of this data is fully adaptable to your needs through custom development.