The company

Who is behind The New Sentinel?

The New Sentinel is a Liège start-up founded in 2010. Its three founders, Benoît Bolland, Caroline Crémers and Ludovic Andreacola developed their product in response to the problem of geolocating workers in the field. In fact, most systems available on the market are very intrusive (Track & Trace for vehicles) and not really very suitable in the light of privacy laws. This is why they created a geolocation system designed to be non-intrusive: it's the workers who control their location.

Our partners

Internet Attitude

Internet Attitude accompanies and financially supports web companies and new technologies.

Composed of entrepreneurs, Internet Attitude's vocation is to help start-ups or more mature companies accelerate their development by sharing their strategic, technological and management experience with them.

Internet Attitude: Your investment partner for web business

Wallonia Space Logistics

WSL is an incubator that helps project initiators focus on their core business during a period of "global" support, lasting from 3 to 7 years. In fact, WSL provides premises in Liège and Transinne (clean rooms in particular), logistics and HR support, financial support, legal assistance and, through its Walloon and international partners, access to a highly developed network making it easy to find customers or suppliers.

However, in return, its partners must undertake to supply it with financial information enabling it to monitor their development (quarterly accounts) and invite WSL to attend each Board Meeting. Companies must also participate in monthly meetings with their case manager.

WSL: More than an incubator, a community of entrepreneurs

Our technical partners

Brussels Free University (OPERA)

The OPÉRA service was born when three former departments in the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Brussels Free University pooled their resources: Optics and acoustics, Waves and signals and General physics.


Formerly part of the Optics and acoustics department, the photonics group carries out basic and applied research in the following areas: non-linear optics, guided optics, the optics of ultra-short phenomena and quantum optics. A new area of research concerns the biomedical aspects of optics.

Wireless Communications

Our activity focuses on new solutions for wireless communication systems. Our research is designed to characterize and model communication channels and develop new coding and modulation techniques suited to the channel's characteristics.


Formerly part of the Optics and acoustics department, the Acoustic group carries out activities in the architectural acoustics field.


TAIPRO Engineering SA is a spin-off from MICROSYS, a laboratory in Liège University, founded on 11/02/2009.

TAIPRO Engineering essentially offers high value added engineering services designed to integrate microsystems into products or industrial processes in order to solve problems or provide products with new features.

Its services focus on three main areas:

  • Packaging and micro-assembly consultancy, generally for the microelectronics sector (including both inter-connection and encapsulation): feasibility studies, advice for choosing packaging, demonstrations and tests.
  • Completion of complete "turnkey" projects based on a functional specification (in the case of sectors not linked to electronics): feasibility study - prototype / demonstration model - small runs (20 - 100 units).
  • Option of training on specific high-tech equipment belonging to Microsys' laboratory.

IOL Design

Founded in 1998, iol Strategic Design is a Liège agency specialising in the design and development of new products. These, often technical, products are designed from concept to production stages. They combine functionality, ease of use and design and meet our sponsors' technical, economic and ecological criteria. IOL stands out for its needs analysis, its original concepts and its internal capacity to see its projects through to production.