What MyPosition offers businesses

Discover the many advantages of this unique geolocation device

  • Maintain industrial harmony in your company and comply with the law.
  • MyPosition, due to the technology used, cannot intrinsically locate a user without their knowledge.
  • Data is collected in a fully transparent manner:
    • Transparency with regard to your customers for whom the worker is carrying out a service. Your customers have access to all the data concerning them.
    • Transparency with regard to your workers who can display the data concerning them.
    • Protection of privacy: geolocation is deliberately and technologically imprecise but lets you certify the workers present on-site accurately.
  • MyPosition cannot be used for telephoning, sending messages or going on the Internet. Result: no hidden costs and lower fixed user costs.
  • The device's single use makes it a poor target for theft.
  • The device contains no personal data and is therefore interchangeable. Nothing prevents you from using one device for several workers (eg: day and night service).
  • Thanks to its design, MyPosition is robust, unlike smartphones.
  • MyPosition can also be used internationally.
  • It benefits from maximum geographical cover (GSM network).